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Storing in the cloud

There is no need to explicitely save a construction in sketchometry. This happens automatically. sketchometry stores all your constructions in the gallery. (From a technical point of view, the local storage of the browser is used)

Import and export of constructions

Constructions can be exchanged between different devices though cloud services. To upload a construction into the cloud, click on Export in the gallery.

Download a construction from the cloud to your tablet or computer. Click on Import in the gallery.

To be able to do this, you have to login at your cloud service provider and allow sketchometry to upload/download files. This is described below.

After the login, you can access your sketchometry constructions in the cloud.

sketchometry - Cloud

Login at the cloud service provider - Authentification

In case sketchometry is not yet registered at your cloud service provider you have to do so (authenticate). First, choose one of the available cloud services.

sketchometry - Import

Click on Start authentication process (opens new window).

sketchometry - Import Anmeldung

This happens in a new window in your web browser.

sketchometry - Import Anmeldung

After your successful login you have to confirm that sketchometry will get the rights to access data on your account.

sketchometry - Import Anmeldung

After your approval, the cloud service provider will confirm this.

sketchometry - Import Anmeldung

Finally, you have to switch back to sketchometry and finish the login by clicking on Finish authentication.

sketchometry - Import Anmeldung

Now, you have access to your sketchometry construction in the cloud.

sketchometry - Import Anmeldung

Hint: Terms of service

sketchometry uses cloud services offered by Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. You are only allowed to use the connection between sketchometry and the named cloud services to exchange sketchometry constructions.

Your password is directly transmitted to the cloud service provider while registering sketchometry for your account. If you want to stop cloud service usage with sketchometry just revoke the usage in your according cloud service account settings.

sketchometry uses the REST-API to communicate with each cloud service while up- or downloading sketchometry files from your cloud service account. The data connection between sketchometry and the cloud service provider is relayed on our server. The whole communication is encrypted. No user data is stored on our server.