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PDF-Datei: Gestures - overview

PDF-Datei: Gestures - documentation

sketches and gestures

You provide a sketch and sketchometry converts into a an exact object. These sketches and gestures are your tools to create constructions in sketchometry.

sketchometry - Gesten

One example is the sketch of a circle.

sketchometry - Gesten

As soon as sketchometry is able to recognize the shape, the name of the shape will be displayed in the status bar. After the finger has been released from the tablet or the mouse key, sketchometry will replace the sketch by an exact circle.

sketchometry - Gesten

Points, lines or triangles can be created in the same way.

Principle: close to the object

Some sketches or gestures do not look like the object which will be created.

Example: You want a circle having an already existing point A as center. Its radius should be determined by an existing point B. You sketch the following figure:

sketchometry - Gesten

The sketch or gesture first resembles the radius of the circle and then (without releasing the finger) follows a circular arc. Again the name of the recognized shape Circle (2P) is displayed in the status bar.

sketchometry - Gesten

Other objects can be created following the same principle.

sketchometry - Gesten sketchometry - Gesten

The gestures overview (PDF file) contains all gestures to work control sketchometry on two pages:

Gestures - overview

In this little booklet (PDF file, german) all gestures are explained:

Gestures - documentation

sketchometry - Gesten