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sketchometry is free to use. It can be used for education purposes and privately for free.

For commercial usage please get in contact with the address in the imprint.

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sketchometry apps can be installed directly on your tablet, smartphone or computer:

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Moreover, sketchometry can be started in any modern browser on tablet, smartphone or computer. Construction can be saved comfortably in the cloud:

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There is no need to install sketchometry. Unzip the ZIP-archive on your computer running Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X or Linux. Then, open the file index.html in directory sketchometry. 1.4.4 [0.9 MB]


Explore the Midpoint Quadrilateral of a Kite

Explore Properties of a Kite

Explore the Midpoint Quadrilateral of a Quadrilateral

Teachers for Teachers

Kwan Chi Kuen, Mathematics Teacher at King Ling College (Hong Kong) created some sketchometry worksheets (“Thank you!”):

Worksheets (centroid, circumcenter, incenter, irrational numbers, …) & sketch-files (ZIP, 1MB)


Gestures - overview

sketchometry - Documentation


sketchometry - Presentation