In touch with geometry!

For teachers

At school

At home

sketchometry on computer

Discover geometry with sketchometry on a computer.

Using mouse and key board new objects are created. Change their position and discover geometric laws.

In classroom

If there is a desktop computer or laptop in classroom connected to a projector, use it to work with sketchometry.

Draw a triangle and create the midpoint perpendiculars. Change the shape of the triangle and observe the position of the intersection of the perpendiculars. Where is it?

Schnittpunkt Mittelsenkrechte

Regardless of pre-prepared or instantly created, interactive drawings enrich the lesson.

Together with an elektronic whiteboard sketchometry can be used with fingers or a pen.

In computer lab

Most of the time dynamic math software in is used in in schools in a computer lab. Then, usuallay the whole math lesson is devoted to it.

You are doing construction with sketchometry on the computer screen, you discover geometric connections and you compare your results with the results of a partner.

Finally, you present your common results to the whole class.

sketchometry - Laptop

Your work iss stored locally on your computer or laptop or you are sharing it over the cloud.

Think - Pair - Share

Think (I) - Individual work

Students familiarise themselves with the topic independently. They work out individual relationships to their prior knowledge, explore initial ideas and test out their own solution strategies. At the same time they identify personal gaps and barriers.
If the position of an initial object is changed, sketchometry adapts all dependend objects. A construction is therefore an experiment. The computer is a lab.

Pair (You) - Learning with a partner

Exchange with a partner (e.g. the student who sits next). The roles alternate between informant and listener. The partners ask if necessary, help each other in resolving outstanding issues and discuss controversial points. They jointly optimise the ways to a solution.
A common construction evolves.

Share (We) - Communication in the class team

The results will be presented and discussed in a class meeting. A common result is developed from the presentations of all students.
Moderated and supplemented by the teacher, a complete solution of the problem is created.